Field Market Research Team

About Field Market Research

Field Market Research a team under M Channel Digital Media aspires to help business entities develop a full and comprehensive understanding of the Philippines in terms of trade, markets, and economic growth by means of doing face-to-face interviews and collecting firsthand information with key industry players and experts. We then do a thorough analysis of collected data in order to come up with essential findings, market trends, and key industry perspectives which will be used by clients in their respective business goals and target accomplishments, may it be entering the market or expanding their coverage.

The Team

Our team consists of internationally educated but at the same time street-smart professionals who are able to translate the language of local market characteristics to various kinds of clients. Our team of analysts and consultants are specially-trained in both theory and experience, and they are properly equipped to collect market intelligence from different industry players. They are likewise trusted in the market and are well-versed in gathering statistical data that are often difficult to extract.

A solid reputation and a wide range of industry contacts are two main tools needed by any market research agency in order to thrive. These two, peppered with timely compliance to deadlines and confidentiality and dedication to every project handled, is what Field Market Research (M Channel Digital Media) takes pride of when it comes to client work.