How We Help

The Philippines is now seen as a promising location for various business investments, thanks to its fast-growing GDP and being able to overcome past socio-economic and political controversies. This, and at the same time to shifting focus to bolstering local markets, have opened up opportunities for bigger and newer business ventures. Field Market Research now helps clients get hold of these advantages by putting attention to the following points:

Personalized, client-specific research

Our team of consultants and analysts put close attention to detail when working on gathered data, so that it could be used to come up with reliable results. We make it a point to be hands-on with both raw and comprehensive findings, and we never use the same recommendations to our clients and rather focus on their specific needs.

Market intelligence, not just mere data

Field Market Research consists of a team of professional and highly experienced analysts, consultants, and field personnel who are keen in no less than delivering customized market research solutions to clients. We use top-of-the-line approaches in data analysis so that no data is wasted, all gathered information are transformed into an organized set of useful findings that address client specifications.

Local perspective, global outlook

Our team is fluent not only in the language, but more importantly in the market culture of the Philippines. At the same time, our team is able to translate the local flavours for international audiences to understand and embrace.

What report do we submit?

We submit detailed information in 3 formats:

  1. Spreadsheet Report / Survey Monkey Result
  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Full Documentation of the Research

Payment Terms

We normally asks 70% Downpayment and 30%payment upon completion of the project.