Effective Field Research for Market Research

One of the effective field research methods has always been going out into the field to acquire data. Businesses that require qualitative insight must do field research, whether it is by watching customer behavior, interviewing subjects, taking part in a sale, taking pictures and videos, or rating an interaction. The idea of mobile research is connected. In the expanding gig economy, it blends the conventional concepts of field research with the effectiveness and scalability benefits of smartphones and crowdsourcing. Employers now have the wonderful opportunity to use their consumers as a crowdsourced workforce because 77 percent of Americans own cellphones. This is a workforce that can provide first-hand accounts of consumer and commercial activity experiences. Without a doubt, the gig economy has accelerated, lowered the cost, and improved field research with its mobile research capabilities. Here are some illustrations.

Effective Field Research for Market Research

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping
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Whatever your sector, what makes you stand out from the competitors is the experience that your customers have. The success of your business depends on you keeping your brand promise. One of the finest ways to determine whether the experiences of your consumers are in line with your expectations for their customer journey is through mystery shopping.

Measurement of the level of service your workers are providing is done through mystery shopping. Additionally, utilizing mystery shoppers is the ideal answer if you want to know how your locations are adhering to brand standards, marketing roll-outs, displays, and other corporate needs. Mystery shopping can be utilized to learn more about the costs and marketing methods employed by your rivals.

In the past, mystery shoppers have recorded their responses to questions on paper while they were at or after leaving a designated site. The procedure is the same regardless of whether the place is a restaurant, hotel, or retail establishment. A questionnaire intended to assess the service is completed after the mystery shopper uses it. After that, the questionnaire must be sent to the research business.

The mystery shopping procedure has been significantly streamlined with the rise of the gig economy and mobile research. Today, real-time customer experience data can be captured.

Collecting data in real time entails two crucial aspects. First off, there is hardly any time between the experience and the recording of associated perceptions. Second, mailing in a paper questionnaire doesn’t waste any time. Instead, data is returned to the mobile research firm via a smartphone and the agency’s mobile platform.

Mobile research can also be conducted anywhere because of the global reach of the gig economy. This is so because workers are present everywhere your company does business.

Market Research

Market Research
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The process of acquiring, evaluating, and interpreting data on a market, a product or service that will be sold in that market, and about the past, present, and potential clients for the product or service is referred to as market research.

You might conduct market research because developing a successful business strategy requires having complete and precise knowledge of your market. Before investing a lot of time and money, market research enables you to predict the future performance of a product or company sector.

You can get location-specific data while a consumer is using the product or service if you have a large team of workers performing mobile market research on your behalf out in the field. This idea is essential. Hours or days following an incident, when a person fills out a paper or online survey, their memory of that experience has drastically deteriorated. As a result, their responses to surveys for market research are less accurate or have been altered by passing ideas or circumstances.

Additionally, you are greatly increasing your reach by utilizing an on-demand workforce that conducts market research on your behalf. Workers who can rapidly and effectively offer knowledge about their experiences or the experiences of others are immediately available to you.

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